The trees and colorful gardens that surround these bright, modern apartments give them a relaxed, peaceful atmosphere, in collaboration with the magnificent view of the endless blue. The cluster is located in an ideal position with wonderful views to the sea and mountain. It is constructed with the most modern facilities in harmony with natural environment and is covered up by stone and the blue of the sea.

Samos Island

Visit the sights, the beaches and the museums, discover old churches, ancient remains, the fascinating traditions and culture. Have a look at the wonderful landscapes and nature of Samos!

The Samian Way

We conceive the persons that select our complex for their holidays (our guests) as our own people and we offer them the best that we can as if they were a part of our family. Fruits from our garden, wine from our barrels and basically friendliness and genuine Samian hospitality.

Family Friendly

We have created an ideal place for families with children of all ages. In “Pelagia”, parents can relax and admire their children playing with no restrictions and have fun.

Samos Specialities

Samos Island offers a wide range of local products, like olive oil, tasty cheeses, Ouzo, honey ,  fresh fish and sweet wines! You can get these specialities in almost every tavern or shop on the island. Samos is also known for its handcrafted ceramics. You can find craftsmen and their amazing handmade creations around the island.

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